The market

Just like seats in the airline market, revenue from a charter not sold today is lost forever. Airlines realised that selling late-availability discounted seats direct can cause friction with other (higher paying) passengers; thus they feed their low-price tickets through third parties - known to us as 'bucket shops' and to airlines as 'consolidators'. This price difference becomes even greater with oneway charters, as an extra delivery fee is usually charged for the client booking direct with a company, so now through the 'bucket shops' they are no longer trying to just save lost revenue, but also to avoid the expense of paying a professional skipper to move the yacht. The result is high discounts as soon as a company knows a yacht needs moving, so you don't have to book last minute to get the best prices. 

SailOneWay's position in the market

SailOneWay is the world's largest consolidator for the oneway yacht charter market, with over ninety of the world's largest global and local operators using SailOneWay. We do not work with small fleet operators (because if a boat is damaged they may not be able to supply a replacement), nor do we work with operators who we know have poorly equipped or badly maintained boats.

Our Web site

If you look at the site you will notice that we only show bareboat prices i.e. the entire yacht for the period, regardless of the number on board. The reason is that the other forms of charter are usually based on price per person, thus we can only quote when we know your specific requirements. Also, we rarely show flight inclusive prices because they are irrelevant to our large number of non-UK clients.

If you do not see what you want on the site this does not mean it is not available, so please contact us. Best ways to contact us

Because of the range of charter types, there are a number of ways to contact us which suit the different requirements:

What happens when you book and arrive at the base?

Before you part with any money we will discuss with you the yacht's details, such as age, equipment, and any supplements. If you are happy with that we then ask you to complete a LateSail booking form and pay a deposit. The amount of deposit and final payment terms are determined by the operator's own conditions, which we will also advise you.

You will then normally complete the operator's own booking form, which will also ask details of your experience. The operator will then send you all the normal yacht and base information.

When you arrive for the charter you will be treated in exactly the same way as those who have booked direct with the operator.